Meghan Markle’s Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts: A Different Approach to Romance

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, once shared her thoughts on Valentine’s Day gifts on her now-defunct lifestyle blog, The Tig. Though her preferences differ significantly from what Kate Middleton receives from Prince William, it provides an interesting perspective on romance and gift-giving.

Instead of traditional red push-up bras and flashy presents, Meghan’s list includes items that exude understated elegance and intimacy. For her, the perfect Valentine’s Day begins with waking up in the romantic city of Paris and being presented with a single flower accompanied by a heartfelt handwritten note. This simple yet meaningful gesture holds a special place in her heart.

Meghan’s taste in fragrances is equally refined. She expressed her love for the Jo Malone London Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Cologne, describing it as fresh, light, and compliment-inducing. The Duchess believes that it lingers in a “ladylike way,” leaving a lasting impression.

When it comes to lingerie, Meghan suggests opting for a more sophisticated choice. Instead of bold and vibrant colors, she recommends Journelle “Ladylike” Lingerie, which embodies femininity with a touch of subtlety. The collection includes a delicate pink lace bra and knickers, providing a perfect balance between sensuality and elegance.

Furthermore, Meghan embraces comfort and coziness on Valentine’s Day. She adores the idea of snuggling up by the fire, wrapped in Mark & Graham Monogrammed Pajamas. According to her, it is an ideal way to relax and spend quality time with a loved one.

While Meghan’s approach to Valentine’s Day gifts may differ from traditional expectations, it highlights her unique perspective on romance. She values thoughtfulness and intimacy, seeking gifts that reflect her sophisticated taste and desire for meaningful connections.

In the end, Meghan Markle’s list of Valentine’s Day gifts portrays her as a woman who appreciates the beauty of simplicity, elegance, and genuine gestures. Her choices showcase a departure from conventional stereotypes, offering a fresh and alternative approach to celebrating love and affection.


1. Quali sono le preferenze di Meghan Markle per i regali di San Valentino?
Meghan Markle preferisce regali che esprimano eleganza e intimità, come ad esempio fiori accompagnati da una nota scritta a mano, profumi freschi e delicati come il Jo Malone London Wild Bluebell Cologne, e lingerie sofisticata come la collezione “Ladylike” di Journelle.

2. Cosa consiglia Meghan per trascorrere il giorno di San Valentino?
Meghan consiglia di trascorrere il giorno di San Valentino svegliandosi nella romantica città di Parigi e di godersi momenti di relax e intimità vicino al fuoco, avvolta nei pigiami Monogrammed di Mark & Graham.

3. Qual è la prospettiva unica di Meghan Markle sulla festa di San Valentino?
La prospettiva di Meghan Markle sulla festa di San Valentino si basa sull’importanza dell’attenzione, dell’intimità e della ricerca di regali che riflettano il suo gusto sofisticato e il desiderio di connessioni significative.

Termini chiave:

– The Tig: Blog di lifestyle della Duchessa di Sussex, Meghan Markle, ora chiuso.
– Jo Malone London Wild Bluebell Cologne: Una fragranza fresca e leggera di Jo Malone London, amata da Meghan Markle.
– Journelle “Ladylike” Lingerie: Una collezione di lingerie sofisticata, raccomandata da Meghan Markle per San Valentino.
– Mark & Graham Monogrammed Pajamas: Pigiama personalizzato di Mark & Graham, apprezzato da Meghan Markle per il comfort e l’intimità.

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