Amouage Opens its First Flagship Store in North America

Amouage, the renowned perfumery celebrated for its exquisite fragrances, has unveiled its inaugural flagship store in North America at the American Dream mall in East Rutherford, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The introduction of Amouage’s luxurious perfumes will enhance the elegance of the American Dream shopping experience, offering customers an unparalleled variety of captivating scents.

Adorned with intricate artistry, the flagship store at the heart of the Avenue evokes the beauty of a sunset in Oman, harmoniously blending with rugged mountain peaks. This remarkable design, envisioned by Amouage Chief Creative Officer Renaud Salmon and impeccably executed by Heroine Paris, transports visitors into an enchanting world of olfactory craftsmanship. The boutique showcases the House’s olfactory stories, displayed on a mesmerizing wall adorned with an impressive array of bottles, some seemingly embedded in rocks, symbolizing the House’s four decades of existence. The interior also features a cozy lounge area with a consultation table, designed by the acclaimed Dimitry Hlinka.

Amouage CEO, Marco Parsiegla, explains how their approach to each flagship store is dictated by the unique characteristics of the location, making each establishment globally distinctive. The store invites customers to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Amouage’s sensorial universe, igniting curiosity and a deep appreciation for the sophistication of their fragrances.

In addition to their North American flagship, Amouage has recently unveiled its first store in China, with plans to open several standalone boutiques in Asia, Europe, and the Gulf Cooperation Council region throughout the year. Offering an extensive range of Eaux de Parfum, Extraits de Parfum, and Attars, the new space at American Dream provides visitors with the opportunity to curate their own exclusive selection of fragrances and leather cases, creating a truly personalized enchan

Domande frequenti (FAQ):

1. Che tipo di prodotti offre Amouage nella sua nuova flagship store a East Rutherford?
Amouage offre una vasta selezione di fragranze lussuose, tra cui Eaux de Parfum, Extraits de Parfum e Attars.

2. Come viene descritto il design della nuova boutique Amouage?
Il design della boutique è ispirato alla bellezza di un tramonto in Oman e si fonde armoniosamente con i picchi montuosi, creando un’atmosfera incantevole.

3. Chi ha progettato l’interior della flagship store?
L’interior della boutique è stato progettato da Dimitry Hlinka, un acclamato designer.

4. Quali sono le caratteristiche distintive di ogni flagship store di Amouage?
La caratteristica distintiva di ogni flagship store di Amouage è determinata dalle uniche caratteristiche del luogo in cui si trova, rendendo ogni negozio unico a livello globale.

5. Dove si trova la flagship store di Amouage in Nord America?
La flagship store di Amouage in Nord America si trova al centro del centro commerciale American Dream a East Rutherford.

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